Students discover hidden treasures in owl pellets with local Horizons program

Students in the Horizons program, located on the campus of Carolina Day School in Asheville, recently had the opportunity to dissect owl pellets.

They looked at a bone chart to try and identify the animal it belonged to like a mouse, a mole or maybe even a bird.

Horizons is mainly a summer program but they do offer learning opportunities during the school year as well.

Some of the kids say they were a little nervous at first but once they started digging, they had a blast!

"At first I was grossed out but then when I got the hang of it I started to be interested and I actually did it," student Summer-June said.

"What drew me to Horizons is not only its focus on the summer experience but the school year experience as well" said VISTA volunteer Ngozia Hunter.

"We're not just a summer program; we are a program that is actively building authentic bridges," program director Bess Bryan told News 13.

"They teach us about different countries. They teach us about Spanish and they let us do other fun things like art, music," student Calaeya said.

"97% of the students have graduated who have participated in the program. 91% go on to college or post-secondary education after the program," executive director Jenny Tracy said.

Nationally, Horizons has been around since 1964.

The program in Asheville has been located at Carolina Day School since 2018.

This summer, the program will serve 78 students.

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