Serving students from low-income families in Asheville, NC, on the campus of Carolina Day School

Parent Testimonials

I was introduced to the Horizons program by my son’s kindergarten teacher at Avery’s Creek. Making decisions for our children as parents isn’t always easy, but deciding to enroll my son in the Horizons program has been one of my best decisions yet.  I was concerned about the commute to and from the program not working with my schedule. The Director arranged everything for me without hesitation. My son had struggled to focus in class and since attending Horizons he has truly soared! They focus on your child’s specific needs and make it fun for them to learn. At the end of the summer, they provide a program for parents to come see what their children have learned. They provided my son with a book bag, school supplies, clothes and shoes, which was so over the top incredible. They also keep up with their progress throughout the school year and discuss with their teachers what they need to focus on in the upcoming summer. I am looking forward to watching my son succeed and feel confident in his learning abilities with the help of the Horizons program!

Staci W.