At Horizons, we believe that every child, regardless of circumstance, should have the same opportunities to thrive.

About Us

We operate year-round to offer quality academic programs and provide other necessary support to children facing inequity in Asheville, NC.

Our Summer Program

During the summer, our students come to us for six weeks of wonder. Our summer program blends high-quality academics, emphasizing literacy and STEM with art, music, theater, physical education, field trips, and confidence-building challenges, like swimming, hiking, and volunteer work. All Horizons students learn to swim: a life-saving skill. 

Our School-Year Outreach

During the school-year, we meet our students where they are. Our team conducts home and school visits where we communicate and strategize with teachers and school administrators. Our year-round programming keeps our students focused and ensures that they're academically on track. 

At Horizons, we know that our students' success is largely dependent on the well-being of their families. That is why we work to create deep relationships with and meaningful connections among our families. When needed, we help connect parents and caregivers with resources, make agency referrals, and problem-solve as a team to make sure students have access to every opportunity. We do all we can to ensure our Horizons families, and therefore our students, are supported and primed for success. 

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