Horizons at Carolina Day School is an award-winning academic enrichment program committed to expanding opportunities for under-served children in Asheville, NC.

We believe in the promise of opportunity for all children. 


Horizons at CDS: a Unique Carolina Day School Program

Have you heard about Horizons at Carolina Day? Over 78 CDS parents and students have volunteered with us for a total of nearly 3000 hours since we launched our program on campus in 2018. That’s not including the 200+ CDS parents and students that have participated in our various food, book, holiday, and clothing drives. So what is Horizons at Carolina Day anyways?

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MLK Day with Ms. Bess' Class

I had two students join me today to read and reflect upon the life and work of Dr. King. I have worked with them since the summer after their kindergarten year and they are now in third grade. As I prepared for my lesson I found that the third grade leveled book I was going to have them read provided more uncomfortable images and content than the books for younger learners. It provided more truth.

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