Horizons at Carolina Day School is an award-winning academic enrichment program committed to expanding opportunities for under-served children in Asheville, NC.


MLK Day with Ms. Bess' Class

I had two students join me today to read and reflect upon the life and work of Dr. King. I have worked with them since the summer after their kindergarten year and they are now in third grade. As I prepared for my lesson I found that the third grade leveled book I was going to have them read provided more uncomfortable images and content than the books for younger learners. It provided more truth.

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Ms. Bess’s Reflection on the Horizons from Home Summer 2020 Experience

I have worked with Horizons at Carolina Day since its inception three years ago. It is without a doubt the happiest, busiest, hardest, most fulfilling six weeks of my year. But six weeks of “virtual” happiness? When it became clear that we needed to be 100% remote for Summer 2020 to keep our community safe, my feelings of anger, sadness, and loss were huge. I kept thinking about how the cornerstone of our community and the program is CONNECTEDNESS. I could not imagine creating that while we were apart. I let my feelings wash through me. I acknowledged my deep disappointment. Then I got busy. I gathered my teaching team and we started to build what truly became six weeks of virtual happiness, AKA #Horizonsathome2020. 

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